Increase the utilization of your e-charging station

Quick & easy installation

Accurate live parking data

Simple integration into software

Dekra parkensensoren
Dekra parkensensoren

Contact us now and get your e-charging station parking occupation in real time

Correct display of free charging stations online

Navigation to free parking spaces, even if no charging process is taking place

Analysis of user behavior by combining parking and charging data

Charging and parking data together provide exciting insights into the use of the e-charging station

Easy detection of long-term and illegal parkers

By combining charging and parking data, controllers can see at a glance which parking spaces are being blocked

Pay for the real parking time

If there is a charge for loading and a parking fee, the latter can be calculated based on real-time occupancy.

Unauthorized occupancy of the e-charging station

Smart City System NB-IoT Sensoren

Secure availability of the e-charging station for your users

By using our NB-IoT parking sensors, the real-time occupancy of e-charging station parking spaces can be easily and quickly digitally recorded. The parking sensors reliably record every parking transaction via magnetic field and radar sensors....

How the NB-IoT sensor works

...and enables easy integration of parking data via REST API and/or websockets.

NB-IoT Technologie

5 Jahre Batterielaufzeit

Schnelle und einfache

Keine Gateways notwendig

Real-time parking data for your e-charging station in just 3 steps

Step 1

Sensor order

Step 2

Installation by the
Smart City System team

Step 3

Access to software and
real-time parking data

Ready to get the most out of your EV charging stations?

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