Smart City System is a full-service provider for digitized parking spaces. From hardware to installation, maintenance as well as data and software provision, we take over the complete project planning and implementation.

The sensor technology is based on a magneto resistive measuring method. When a vehicle parks above a sensor, a magnetic field changes occurs. This change is registered by the sensor and transmitted to a gateway. This gateway in turn transmits the signal via mobile network to the cloud. Here, the signal is further processed and then displayed or evaluated via various applications.

A gateway is the main device between the server and sensors and requires a continuous power connection. This forwards the data packets from the sensors to the cloud via a mobile connection.

The battery life under normal conditions is 5 to 7 years.

Yes, snowplows with rubber lips are not a problem. See here our tests with conventional snow plows.  

No, the outer rings can only be removed from the floor with a great deal of force without special solvents. The sensor itself is put into the outer ring by a proprietary mechanism. Removal of the sensor from the outer ring is therefore only possible with a special tool and the necessary knowledge.

Yes, we have developed complete wireless indoor sensors that can be installed in garages.

The parking area is ready for use 1 to 2 days after installation. All we need is a site plan and, unless installing a solar gateway, access to a power outlet.