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Smart city system produces smart parking sensor which wirelessly transmit the occupancy status of your parking area in real time. The parking information can be seen via our easy-to-use software or be effortlessly integrated into your existing system. Smart city system parking sensors are completely wireless, easy to install and run instantly. 

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Outdoor sensors

Low-maintenance and wireless, Smart City System LoRa parking sensors allow for instant availability of real-time parking data.
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Indoor sensors

The only completely wireless indoor sensor on the market, our sensor is specifically designed for indoor and roofed parking areas.
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What our clients and partners say

"The sensor system has enabled us to raise awareness of the P&R offer in the transport network and give customers the opportunity to find out in advance about the number of available spaces. Users are better distributed among the various parking spaces when there are local traffic hotspots. The simple installation of the system allows us to equip additional parking spaces in a flexible and uncomplicated manner."
Stefan Gerstenberg VVO
Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO)
Stefan Gerstenberg, Purchaser
"Together, Vodafone and Smart City System have already digitized over 27,000 parking spaces, making the daily parking situation easier for many people. Our successful partnership is now visible in almost every large and many medium-sized cities. Together we made the parking situation on site more transparent and the administration more efficient."
Vodafone smart parking
Vodafone GmbH
Joint press release
"The sensors are installed in the customer parking lots for monitoring and provide identification of illegal parkers. Through the system we get a proof of parking time, which is very beneficial. We are very satisfied with Smart City System's service and solution."
Jonas Nahkauf parkensensoren
Jona's Nahkauf
Joachim Nabholz, Owner
"Smart City System provides traceable and data-based parking monitoring that simplifies our processes. We can integrate the real-time data into our own applications and thus control the parking areas more efficiently. In doing so, the system ensures that parking management is fair for all stakeholders. The company is dynamic and delivers the latest technologies in parking."
Stefan Dittrich
PRS Parkraum Service GmbH
Stefan Dittrich, CEO

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