Reduce waiting times Control truck parking areas Optimize slot management

Real-time parking data for an efficient parking guidance system

Data-based optimization of truck stand times

Transparent parking control

Smart City System parking sensors wirelessly transmit the occupancy status of your parking space in real time. The parking information can be viewed via our easy-to-use software or effortlessly integrated into your existing system. The parking sensors are completely wireless, easy to install and ready to use. (Video in German)

Challenges of truck parking area control

Solution: real-time parking data via parking sensors or license plate recognition camera

Reliable parking data for a transparent and optimized slot management

Data analysis as a measure for optimization

A parking guidance system based on parking data

The parking sensors provide real-time data on the occupancy status of the digitized parking lot.
This occupancy information is provided via software applications and/or a data interface.

The TicketPilot App

With the TicketPilot app, you can see parking lot has violations at a glance. It optimizes the control routes and enables the subsequent recording of issued tickets.

Parken Verwaltung App
Parken Verwaltung App

The Dashboard

In the dashboard, the maximum parking duration can be set and the account structure can be managed. Furthermore, evaluations of the managed parking areas are included.

"Together with Smart City System, we have digitized numerous parking spaces. The live data from the parking sensors makes our work more efficient, as we can respond more quickly when a parking offender shows up and ensure that all tickets are issued fairly and correctly. The parking sensors also give us a data-driven understanding of how our parking lots are being used. Communication and installation are clear and straightforward."
Safe Place (Germany) GmbH
"Smart City System provides traceable and data-based parking monitoring that simplifies our processes. We can integrate the real-time data into our own applications and thus control the parking areas more efficiently. In doing so, the system ensures that parking management is fair for all stakeholders. The company is dynamic and delivers the latest technologies in parking."
Stefan Dittrich
PRS Parkraum Service GmbH
Stefan Dittrich, CEO

Easy integration into your software

RESTful API & Websockets

Alternatively, the integration of parking data into your own software is also possible and it is as easy and flexible as it gets: we offer industry standard REST API. For use cases that are require very time sensitive data we also offer the implementation of websockets.

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Katharina Hentschel

Smart parking CPO & Management specialist

Outdoor Sensor

The low-maintenance and wireless Smart City System parking sensors enable the immediate availability of real-time parking data.
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Indoor Sensor

As the only completely wireless ceiling sensor on the market, our sensor is specifically designed for indoor spaces and covered parking areas.
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