Enhance e-charger

Live parking data

Optimized utilization

Effortless integration


Non-EVs park at your charger:

Secure availability for your users:

Smart City System NB-IoT Sensoren

The Smart City System solution

city pilot

Sensors are installed in one minute, detect vehicles in real-time, are completely wireless, maintenance-free for several years and are produced in Germany


Parking data can be directly integrated into any system using an API or accessed through our software products.

NB-IoT technology

5 year battery life

Quick installation

No gateways necessary

Increase user-friendliness and revenue for e-charging stations

Record parking time

The combination of parking sensors and e-charging points enables simple and automated billing of e-charging stations. In this way, it’s also possible to bill exceeded parking times in which vehicles are not charging but blocking the charging station for other customers.

Navigate to free parking spaces

Prevent frustration and trouble with customers by having available parking spaces with e-charging points reserved in advance and navigating your customers to available e-charging points.

Record occupancy status

Prevent illegal parking of non-electric vehicles at e-charging points. With Parking Pilot you always know exactly which charging point is blocked - even if no electric vehicle is being charged at the column.

"With Smart City System, we not only have a very competent partner at our side, but also a young, innovative and dynamic team that is redefining digital parking management with a great deal of commitment and reliability."
Wolfgang Weiss ZDE
Center for Digital Development
Wolfgang Weiß, CEO
"Together, Vodafone and Smart City System have already digitized over 27,000 parking spaces, making the daily parking situation easier for many people. Our successful partnership is now visible in almost every large and many medium-sized cities. Together we made the parking situation on site more transparent and the administration more efficient."
Vodafone smart parking
Vodafone GmbH
Joint press release

Get real-time EV charger parking data with these simple steps:


Step 1

Order sensors

Step 2

Installation by Smart City System team

Step 3

Access to system and parking data

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