Parking lot digitization live data flexibility modernization 

Simple digitization of outdoor parking spaces

Space accurate real-time parking data

Quick and easy installation by our trained team 

Guaranteed data availability through full service

Outdoor Sensor Facts

How it Works

"The sensor system has enabled us to raise awareness of the P&R offer in the transport network and give customers the opportunity to find out in advance about the number of available spaces. Users are better distributed among the various parking spaces when there are local traffic hotspots. The simple installation of the system allows us to equip additional parking spaces in a flexible and uncomplicated manner."
VVO Park&Ride sensoren
Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO)
Stefan Gerstenberg, - Public Transportation Purchases
"Smart City System provides traceable and data-based parking monitoring that simplifies our processes. We can integrate the real-time data into our own applications and thus control the parking areas more efficiently. In doing so, the system ensures that parking management is fair for all stakeholders. The company is dynamic and delivers the latest technologies in parking."
Stefan Dittrich
PRS Parkraum Service GmbH
Stefan Dittrich, CEO

Overnight Parking Lot Digitizaion


Power Operated gateway

Easy to use - operation via existing power supply in e.g. street lamps.

Solar Gateway

Entirely solar powered and self-sufficient gateway

Non-intrusive mounting on street lamps or house walls - electrical work not necessary.
Smart parkensensoren

One step to a digitized parking lot!

Send address and/or site plan - we do the rest!

For specific cases: Submerged outdoor sensor

In some cases, gluing the sensors to the parking surface is not desired. Here it is possible to purchase the sensors including paving stones.

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