A transparent utilized modern smart Park&Ride

Simplify transfers to public transport

Reduce traffic

Direct navigation to free parking spaces

Strengthen public transportation and Park&Ride use

"The System has led to more people using our public transportation system and made our offer and system better known"

Stefan Gerstenberg, Transportation Association Oberelbe GmbH Tweet

Technology to make travel easier for commuters

Easy integration into your public transport app


You can integrate the parking data into your own software and is as easy and flexible as it gets: we offer industry standard REST API. For use cases that are require very time sensitive data we also offer the implementation of websockets.

The CityPilot App

A digital parking guidance system for everyone

Also available is the integration of Park & Ride areas into our City Pilot app:

"By equipping parking spaces with parking sensors, we are improving the service for drivers and also aiming to strengthen public transport."

Adnan Shaikh, Mayor of Eschborn Tweet

Live Park&Ride feed

Using an iFrame, display the live occupancy of your parking spaces in map format on your website.

Below is a live feed of a digitized Park&Ride area by Dresden, Germany.

Thoughts from our smart city partners and clients

"The sensor system has enabled us to raise awareness of the P&R offer in the transport network and give customers the opportunity to find out in advance about the number of available spaces. Users are better distributed among the various parking spaces when there are local traffic hotspots. The simple installation of the system allows us to equip additional parking spaces in a flexible and uncomplicated manner."
Stefan Gerstenberg VVO
Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO)
Stefan Gerstenberg, Purchaser ÖPNV
"With the help of artificial intelligence, the current occupancy of commuter parking spaces can be calculated with the aid of vehicle movement data and a forecast can be given for the next few hours, explained Sebastian Herter from the company Smart City System, which has already equipped Park + Ride facilities with the technology."
Frankfurter Rundschau Article
"Sensors in the ground report free parking spaces"
"With Smart City System, we not only have a very competent partner at our side, but also a young, innovative and dynamic team that is redefining digital parking management with a great deal of commitment and reliability."
Wolfgang Weiss ZDE
Zentrum für Digitale Entwicklung
Wolfgang Weiß, CEO
"Smart City System provides traceable and data-based parking monitoring that simplifies our processes. We can integrate the real-time data into our own applications and thus control the parking areas more efficiently. In doing so, the system ensures that parking management is fair for all stakeholders. The company is dynamic and delivers the latest technologies in parking."
Stefan Dittrich
PRS Parkraum Service GmbH
Stefan Dittrich, CEO

Ready to digitize your Park&Ride?

smart city system business development

Sebastian Herter

Smart parking for Cities

Outdoor sensors

Low-maintenance and wireless, Smart City System LoRa parking sensors allow for instant availability of real-time parking data.
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Indoor sensors

The only completely wireless indoor sensor on the market, our sensor is specifically designed for indoor and roofed parking areas.
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