Let the digitalization of your parking lot begin!

The idea is simple:

You have a small, medium or large parking area that you would like to manage. Each parking space is equipped with its own parking sensor, which connects to the internet via a gateway. Thanks to our advanced algorithms and reliable hardware, the Parking Pilot sensor precisely records when and for how long each parking space is occupied around the clock. This data can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. You can either manage your parking area with the dashboard provided by us (more here), or integrate the data into your own system.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost-effective parking sensors
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Maintenance-free for years
  • Weather-resistant – even in winter conditions
  • In contrast to camera systems, fully functional in fog and bad weather
  • Protects privacy in times of increased data protection
  • Reduces emissions and stress when searching for a parking space

Our services for you:

  • We take over planning, installation and maintenance
  • We take care of your concerns quickly and effectively
  • We make individual adjustments to the user interface, when possible
  • We provide you with an interface (API) for the integration of our real-time data into your existing system or app
  • In order to continuously improve operations, we wirelessly and automatically update the software free of charge


Our parking sensors are produced in Germany, maintenance-free for several years and require no expensive infrastructure to digitize your parking area. Using sophisticated algorithms, data for each parking space is also evaluated from neighboring sensors in order to record the occupancy status accurately and reliably. The parking sensors are powered by an integrated battery and glued to the floor or ceiling of the respective parking area.


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Can snow be cleared in winter despite the ground sensors? Certainly. See the durability and robustness of our sensors in the video! Should a sensor fail, we will ensure that it is replaced as quickly as possible. Thanks to its modular design, the actual sensor unit can be quickly removed from its frame, which is firmly glued to the floor, and replaced.


Manage one or more parking areas:

Use the left sidebar to select one of your parking areas. A map will appear with the digitized version of your parking area including colored markings displaying the occupancy status of the individual spaces. This allows you to see where parking spaces are available, which are currently being used within the permitted parking time and which have already exceeded the maximum permitted parking time at a glance. It will soon be possible to reserve individual parking spaces and have messages sent to your mobile phone when parked vehicles exceed the maximum parking time. We are working on these and other features and look forward to your suggestions!