Higher profits thanks to high-performing ANPR cameras with optimal data processing

Higher profits thanks to high-performing ANPR cameras with optimal data processing

Over 650 ANPR cameras
in over 5 countries

Over 60,000 monitored
parking spaces

Over 10 parking operators
use our system

How can you automate parking lot monitoring?

Technical Implementation

Site-specific project planning
Quick and easy installations
Seamless commissioning of the sysem

Data Management

Automated access to parking violation data
Web dashboard with versatile management options
Utilization of historical data for analytics and data-based decisions
Customizable data formats for external management programs

24/7 Data Collection

Permanent recording of vehicle entrances and exists
Increased potential of parking violation detections
Low personnel costs due to centralized parking violation tracking

Hardware & Software options

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Data protection-compliant numbere plate recognition camera for all vehicles entering and exiting your parking spaces


For the management and data analysis of your parking areas

with full commissioning of the system

Full Service

From project planning to installation, commissioning, data provision and maintenance, we offer complete support for your project.

Smart City System provides traceable and data-based parking monitoring that simplifies our processes. We can integrate the real-time data into our own applications and thus control the parking areas more efficiently.

Stefan Dittrich

Stefan Dittrich, CEO

Parkraum Service GmbH

Together with Smart City System, we have digitized numerous parking spaces. The live data from the parking sensors makes our work more efficient, as we can respond more quickly when a parking offender shows up and ensure that all tickets are issued fairly and correctly


Do you need to manage a complex parking area with special parking spaces?

With the combination of ANPR cameras and parking sensors, monitoring mixed parking areas can also be fully automated.

The ANPR camera registers the incoming number plate.

The vehicle is parked in a special parking space with sensors or a normal parking space without sensors.

After leaving the parking area, the data from the ANPR camera and the sensor is used to algorithmically detect parking violators and those authorized to park.

You receive an overview of the current parking offenders in the Dashboard.

Schedule a consultation with our specialist

René Büttner

Specialist for Parking Management

About us

Everything from a single source

From project planning, digitization, installation, commissioning, data provision through to complete implementation and maintenance.


Individual requirements can be implemented and the system can be adapted accordingly in a short time.


Over 900 locations and 65k + parking spaces digitized. All with a high detection quality.

Made in Germany

Sensors are manufactured in Germany and are taken back at the end of their life cycle and recycled with a local partner.

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