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Our CityPilot App integration with VVO Dresden!

Using live data from our sensors, you can easily see where a parking space is still available! All 13 VVO Park+Ride facilities, which have more than 1,000 parking spaces, are available in the app! (Article in German)

Developing solutions together

ParkHere interviews Smart City System's CEO Stefan Eckart on the dilemma of growing cities, the steady increase in motorized traffic and the associated parking problems in cities. Mr. Eckart believes that smart parking solutions are needed that bring transparency to the parking search. The digitization and recording of occupancy information will be an essential part of future mobility. (Article in German)

German Accelerator best pitch

Virtual Success

As winners of the best pitch award, Smart City System and participating start ups highlight their experience at the first ever virtual German Accelerator class!

Parking Pilot sensors help you find a parking spot

Bayerischer Rundfunk reports on how Parking Pilot sensors make intelligent parking possible.
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Ensuring a parking space for all

The citizens of Meißen now know whether there are enough parking spaces available before going to the train station, making mornings smoother and stress free.

WDR parken sensoren

WDR reports Smart City System sensors as the solution for illegal parkers

For this German town, ParkingPilot sensors have been the much needed solution to battle illegal parkers while keeping citizens happy.

Effects of COVID-19 on the Utilization of Supermarket Parking Lots​

Home office, contact restrictions, closed shops – COVID-19 has brought public life to a halt. This can not only be seen through mobile data, but also through parking data.

Smart City System Sensoren

Out of 16,000 German start-ups, Smart City System makes it into the Top 100!

Startups were selected based on certain criteria, including technological expertise, scalability of the business model, its growing number of employees and the company's reputation. (Article in German)

"Where is there a free parking space?"

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and as part of the Clean Air 2017 - 2020 Immediate Action Program, we are proud to provide the Oberelbe Transport Association (VVO) with real-time parking data to make it easier for passengers to find a parking space. (Article in German)

Next stop: Smart City System!

The bus from Gründerland Bayern visited us! Our CEO Stefan Eckart presents our vision and solution for smart and digital cities of the future. (Article in German)

Ready. Set. Pitch!

Smart City System takes home the Best Pitch Award at the first ever fully Virtual New York & Silicon Valley German Startup Night. A program with a talented network of mentors and great connections in the US market.

bitkom smart parking

Corona aids from the startup world

Get Stated by Bitkom shares the results of our utilization analysis of supermarket parking spaces since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. (Article in German)

What moves Dresden.

The Oberelbe Transport Association (VVO) in Dresden is one of our original partners and in their 2018-2019 report display our Smart Parking solution and the added value it brings to those in region. (Article in German)

We take over the US market!

As a participant in the German Accelerator Program 2020 in New York, our founder Stefan Eckart talks about our expansion plans in the USA.

The use of our sensors at Aldi in Filderstadt-Bernhausen

The article describes how our parking sensors make supermarket parking monitoring easier and eliminates the cumbersome parking disc. (Article in German)

Vodafone Uplift

Technical information and future prospects for Smart City System and Vodafone

The article reports in great detail on how our sensor system works and provides an overview of upcoming Vodafone projects related to Smart Parking.

A comparison with the competition writes a detailed comparison between the Bosch parking sensor and our system. It delves into technical details and explains the different functions as well as advantages and disadvantages of the sensors, giving our system a better review in the end. (Article in German)

Where the founders grow

The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on start-ups in Germany and describes Smart City System as an example of success and drive. (Article in German)

Finding a parking space accounts for 30 percent of traffic

The Swabian newspaper reports on our Smart Parking solution, which we presented at the congress Zukunft 5.0 in Oberkochen. (Article in German)

Galileo explains sensor technology on ProSieben

Galileo reports on the progressive digitization of parking areas using ParkingPilot sensor technology on one of Germany's largest private television stations. (Article in German)

Focus reports on ParkingPilot

The news magazine Focus reports on Smart City System sensor technology. By using ParkingPilot parking sensors, parking spaces can be digitized without much effort and at low cost. The acquired data creates transparency for parking lot owners and users. (Article in German)

Business Insider reports on the "ingenious system" of Smart City System

Parking Pilot helps external service providers to control customer parking spaces: On the one hand, this ensures that no illegal long-term parkers block the valuable parking space for customers of retail stores and, on the other hand, the effectiveness of the service providers is significantly increased by allowing inspectors to be deployed where they are needed at the time. (Article in German)

Leipziger Volkszeitung reports on Parking Pilot

Smart City System's parking sensors make parking management easier for car park operators. The Leipzipger Volkszeitung reports on our cooperation with K + S Parkraum Service. (Article in German)

idw - Science Information Service reports on Smart City System

Parking Pilot's goal is to dramatically reduce the amount of traffic searching for a parking space and thus also the environmental impact and frustration of finding a parking space in city centers. Together with our partners we want to achieve this goal as quickly as possible. (Article in German)

WochenKurier reports on the Parking Pilot

With Parking Pilot from Smart City System, supermarket customers save themselves the trouble of setting a parking disc and find a parking space faster thanks to the effective prevention of illegal long-term parking. (Article in German)

Our partner Vodafone on our parking sensors

Vodafone presents our cooperation at the Smart City Forum in Niederrhein. Together with Smart City System and other partners, Vodafone is making cities more attractive. (Article in German)

Automobilwoche reports on Smart City System

Smart City System was founded in 2017 by five young entrepreneurs. Read more about the founding and idea behind Parking Pilot in the linked article! (Article in German)